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Monday, January 3, 2011

Pastor/Officiant/Rev./Minister Needed!

We wanted to get married at a christian church, Calvary Chapel, but they said we would need to be members of their church for at least a year, so that's not happening in time. Therefore, I'm now in search of our wedding officiant. This is hard because of the location of our wedding ( Being on a budget doesn't help the fact that traveling will be an issue to many, but I would prefer to look for someone that will be responsible for attending August 13th, 2011. I even did all my wording already, lol. Check back on this post. I don't know how long that will take, or how all of this works, but if anyone knows of anyone who may be able to help us, please let me know. I've been all over Google & some of these people don't look so trust worthy :/

1/7/11 Update:
I'm hoping to meet with some officiants before making a final decision, but here are the possible candidates...

1/9/11 Update:
I SKYPE met with Rev. Judith from Lovely Unique Weddings and she's the sweetest & most responsible officiant I've spoken with by far. She has been supportive within my search & I think she is it :)

1/15/11 Update
We welcome our Rev. Judith who will officiate our wedding ceremony on our wedding day :D


  1. Have you asked the venue for a referral?

  2. We are the second wedding they will hold at the farm. It's a new venue so not sure but I will double check.