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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Everyone knows how I am with pictures, so OBVIOUSLY I'm hiring a pro for this part. I'm excited to announce that Ivy from will be our photographer for the day :D Her work is amazing & i completely trust her. Next week I pay her off & she's booked. YAY! I'm so excited!

I'm more concerned about my ceremony, bridals of me & couples portraits, so Ivy will be more of a guest than a photographer.

Just so you all know, there will be a camera table & DIY photobooth, so we'll have fun taking some group pictures too.

I know i want ONE GROUP picture, and i already planned it, so you all will have to just follow Ivy for further directions when the day comes.

Everyone keeps asking me am i bringing my own camera? LOL. uhmm DUH! lol. I will be taking detail shots at some point before the crowd heads over, just because I'll feel at ease before my big day :D

I'm so excited! I keep looking online through things that make me smile & I've made a slideshow for you to see what I want out of my day:

Well, I'm tired & it's late, so I'll be going to dream about these again hehe...
it's what nelz does, as her love for photography is great & her title will be reversed on her wedding day from the one behind her own camera to the one in front of someone elses camera.

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